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Does Hypnopaedia Work Effectively

Hypnopaedia- is it a revolutionary concept or a failed idea

The term hypnopaedia has somehow managed to have an air of mystery surrounding itself. The term itself sounds very compelx. The term is basically used to describe the complex process of sleep learning process.
Many people dismiss the sleep learning process out of hand immediately. However not many know the actual pros and cons of Hypnopaedia. Though there has been multiple debate amongst scientific fraternity about this concept, not everyone agrees to one given point unanimously. Before we go into details whether the sleep learning process is truly a revolutionary concept or is I just a failed idea. Let us get a glimpse of our handicap in truly understanding this phenomenal theory or concept which has eluded a proper explanation for decades.

1. First and foremost, human brain is very complex, every human brain evolves. This is the law of evolution. Evolving is something which cannot be opposed or stopped. Evolution is not only anatomical it is physiological too. Thought the human brain anatomy has not changed much over centuries, the physiology has changed drastically. Human brain is capable of solving problems which our ancestors could not. This evolution has made it very difficult for scientist tot truly get to know how the human brain actually works. There are so many parts of human brain which acts harmoniously to accomplish simple task such as moving a finger to solving the most complex problem. These interactions are not easy to map out. As said earlier it changes from person to person. Thus our knowledge of human brain is somewhere close to 0.2%. Armed with this knowledge we have no clue of what we are about to find when we talk about Hypnopaedia.

2. Secondly there are two distinctive compartments of brain. The subconscious part, the conscious part. The conscious part is the one which is mainly responsible for us to learn things actively. Meaning when we want to learn a thing or when we study or when we listen attentively. However he other component of subconscious brain also does the same thing. But nobody knows how. Limited knowledge ahs crippled our understanding o sleep learning process as the entire process sis passive and utilizes only the subconscious brain when the conscious brain is asleep.

3. Lastly but not the least our ability to measure the activity of brain is just limited to measuring certain waves. These waves are great when one has to know of pre-seizure or seizure activity. However the study of human brain in order to capture a wave which is directly generated by sub conscious brain is highly impossible.
The concept of revolutionary idea
Thanks to holly wood movie and sci fi book, Hypnopaedia is glorified into a new level, however in reality it does not work the way it is depicted. One has to pour in information via subluminal messages which are heard when the person is sleeping. This process must be done again and again so that the subconscious brain first becomes familiar with the information.

A failed concept
With lack of knowledge of our understating of how brain truly works we cannot say that the concept of Hypnopaedia is a failed concept. With advancement in science maybe we can one day explain how Hypnopaedia truly works.


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